5.1 Practical Applications

We could use this experiment to see the different clarities of water sources, to get a rough idea of the water sources clarity. It is a very cheap and easy way get an approximate percentage of how clear it is.  Simply take a picture of the spectrum and load it in the program. It could help in future studies if they don't have a professional spectrometer which is bulky and very difficult to bring around. We would also recommend to NEA and PUB to add more rocks to the canals that channel from rain to our main reservoirs.

5.2 Areas for further study

We can study deeper into why there is a difference in the amount of light absorbed and reflected.Although we cannot identify if the water is safe to drink, it is a rough gauge to how clear it is. It can be used by NEA/PUB officers when they are going for investigation. As Singapore is very scarce in terms of water sources, we have to rely on rainwater; the rainwater collects in our canals.

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